Maybe you had a bad experience at another studio, or maybe you're looking for your first tattoo. Either way, the experience can end up ruining the excitment you had for your tattoo!

Imagine having a custom high-end tattoo that looks exactly how you dreamed it would when you first saw it in your head & the artists take their time to make sure every detail is perfect before they start any work on your tattoo. That's us!

We offer lifetime warranties on most of our tattoos, so if anything happens to them over time we will fix or redo them for free! We also offer a quote guarantee for each and every project so there are no surprises at checkout! Come see why Rogues Gallery Tattoo has becoming a favorite destination for tattoo collectors!



Best place yet. Great Atmosphere, adorable people, Very comfortable. I am one to walk out due to just [the] energy walking in. I will be back... I'm sure [the] others are great, but John you rocked!

Crystal G.

I had an armband tattoo [done] here and they were wonderful! Mary was so friendly and made sure I was happy and comfortable with the placement of my tattoo. Kyle was very kind and easygoing! A really great experience.

Kerry Y.

This was my first tattoo experience and I am beyond grateful and happy with the outcome. I got an orchid watercolor tattoo on my front shoulder. It's absoluterly gorgeous! Mary and Galen made me feel at ease during the entire process. The studio is extremely clean with super comfortable chairs. They were honest with pricing and timing, whi h I completely appreciate... Galen is amazing and an extremely skilled and talented artist!

Elizabeth M.
From Fine Line to Fine Detail
Our Focus Is Quality

Our passion for quality is what sets us apart. We take pride in every one of our projects, and we put 100% effort into them - not just because you want it but also because we are passionate about our art!

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A Message From Us

I've had the pleasure of working with many brilliant and inspiring artists in my career, and there's one thing I've learned from it is that. There may be a lot of right ways to approach the tattoo industry, but no one right way to do anything. With that realization, I decided to start a studio that reflects my personality, where I could develop my art every day. Rogues Gallery grew from that early idea into what we are now.

From the moment you start talking to us, we want to make sure you enjoy the process every step of the way. We know that without you, we can't create the art that drives us every day. That is why, with my team, the art is at the forefront, with pleasant and attentive customer service, and artists who are genuinely passionate about tattoos. We've worked hard to build an inviting and talented stable of artists who are always pushing their skillset. We know first impressions are important, so if this is your first one, we hope it's a good one. We can't wait to see you at the studio.

Galen Mousecop

Owner, Rogues Gallery Tattoo