Chrysanthemum and Forget Me Knots

Ever want to know what a difficult tattoo placement looks like, well wonder no more.  When approaching tattoos on the should like this, a flat piece of paper won't wrap to the shoulder, which complicates both stenciling and workup on a piece like this.  The solution of course, is to create an approach where your original tracing includes the distortions of the surface, then warp the image using this as a guide.

When the finished stencil was done, Galen was able to simply drop the warped stencil onto the skin, and it fit perfect.  Allowing for a curved stencil like this adds in a whole new level of detail that's possible in the workup phase, and you can see how well that translated to this beautiful floral piece.

In addition to bringing additional steps to stenciling, Galen also took the time to pick out a subtle color palette so that each flower petal loses the flat feel that a single color adjusted for darkness would give, and replaces it with a variety of shades that help trick the eye into seeing something more realistic.  Of course, this being a hyper realistic piece of art, the colors were all tweaked to add saturation, using a combination of Fusion inks to achieve the overall look!

Galen loves doing floral and organic pieces, so if you're looking to get something challenging and flower related, send us a message to start your booking today!

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