There is No Try

Anyone who knows Galen Mousecop, knows he loves Star Wars, and does a ton of art inspired by the setting.  This one just happened to be on one of his oldest friends and fellow artist Will Pigg.  It started out life as the R2D2 and Yoda focused half sleeve, and into an art sleeve inspired by all the artists who shaped Will's art over the years.

This one, like many of Galen's creations, was accomplished in layering over a couple sessions, allowing  for a subtlety that is difficult to accomplish otherwise.  Every pass has allowed for additional saturation, but also small adjustments to detail in the color fills and gradients, creating texture while maintaining a soft and painterly feel.

Since putting this piece on the client, they've since added comic book art, continuing the colorful scheme all the way down to the hand, where it ends in a Beauty and the Beast stained glass rose, the perfect cap to any nostalgic sleeve!  At his core, Galen is a pop art lover, and really enjoys telling new stories using the baked in meanings in these symbols.  If you're looking to get a pop art or pop inspired piece, message us today to get on Galen's schedule!

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