Beautiful Nightmare

Not all clients are created equal, and this client is one of the rare ones.  We've been tattooing this canvas since we opened, and have grown to see him as much as a family member as we do a client, and the work we get to do because of that is reflected in this custom piece.  

This covers most of the front of his thigh, and focuses on a limited color palette and distinct use of heavy contrast and creation of depth using color variations to further trick the eye by arranging for colors that don't react as energetically to your eyes are layered over the void in the background to create an artificially deeper shade of black.  

As with many of Galen's pieces, this one is inspired by a dream/nightmare, and combines disparate elements to capture the feel of that dream.  With a mainstay of Mousecop tattoos, this artwork wraps a tentacle around a sweet desert, but betrays a since of the sinister, giving the tattoo the "exists in the grey area" feel that so much of life is about.  Galen is alway ready to dive into some more advanced surrealism, so make sure to message us if you're looking to book any!

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