This is Halloween


It's not often you get to do a tattoo involving one of your favorite movies from your childhood, let alone be given the freedom to adapt what's out there already into something a little more fun!  Galen got change to do exactly that with one of our oldest clients, and pulled it off well enough that he's been accused of photoshopping the image on, instead of tattooing it!

The collector that picked up this tattoo actually has issues with healing of different pigments depending on the ink, and it's been a challenge through the years to make sure we get ink that holds up the way we intend.  Luckily, she has the patience to experiment, and this piece is covered with a Lifetime Warranty, like all of her tattoos!

This piece uses Peak Needle cartridges and machines, along with a mixture of both Solid and Fusion to get a color palette that would produce the full range of hues and contrast values needed to make the piece hold up, given the number of lighter colors present.  We also used a healthy dose of CBD glide during application to reduce inflammation and promote better healing, and a thorough aftercare routine.

Galen's favorite part of doing this piece, was selecting the imagery to capture the original inspiration of the client, while tying it into the world that Tim Burton created for us all.  Each pumpkin is sourced from the beginning musical number, lending the piece its title, and heavy focus was placed on the transparency of Zero, and the contrast of textures the movie is known for.

If you're thinking of doing any advance tattoo work inspired by Tim Burton, shoot us a message, and be on the lookout for Galen's current Time Burton inspired tattoo when it drops.  Spoiler alert, it brings Jack into the incredible and dark world of Beetlejuice!

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