Succubus: Black & Grey Shin Tattoo

Every piece presents its own unique and interesting challenges, and this Black & Grey Succubus is no exception.  The client brought in an incredible original piece of artwork done by Justin O'Neal that she was looking to get on the front of her shin.  If you haven't checked out the incredible artwork that this piece came from, go visit JustinOnealArt and show some support for an incredible artist!    

The trouble with replication pieces, is that each one takes an enormous amount of detail, and the amount is typically limited by the stenciling technique used, the needle groups available, and other variables.  When it comes to stenciling, the biggest issue is that thermal stencil machines can create imprecise stencils, often meaning replication pieces are hand-stenciled on a piece by piece basis.  Between the time creating the stencil artwork, and hand tracing each painstaking detail, you can often run into hours and hours of additional work to get the tattoo ready before it even gets applied.  For this piece, Galen used a proprietary approach to stenciling to create higher detail levels, and a much faster stenciling process.  Controlling each step from the stencil's creation using techniques Galen either created or adapted all the way through what products and approaches would be used during the application, the stencil was able to carry a large amount of detail for the roadmap.

If you're thinking of getting a Black & Grey piece, shoot us a message or book a consultation to see if you can collect Galen's next portfolio piece!


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