The client for this one is incredibly fond of spiders, as you can tell, and wanted a piece of art that would pay tribute to his own spider, with more to come in the future!  He had a great picture reference of his own spider, but due to camera issues, wasn't able to truly capture the colorful beauty of this one.  so with a little artistic magic, we were able to recolor the original piece, and translate it to skin.

Not every client requests it, but we do offer an upgrade to our tattoos, where we frame the workup of the tattoo.  This client decided to walk away with a beautifully matted and framed piece of art for his walls at home, ready to hang!  If you're thinking about picking one of these up for yourself, let us know when we start working on your tattoo, so we can arrange to have one made before your appointment, and you can take it home that day!

Every piece Galen designs ends up with these custom color palettes, which are usually sent over to the team before set up to ensure the layout and selection of colors match the vision of the piece, and you can see how well this translates to a unique and interesting color scheme in each tattoo.  If you're looking to book your next animal portrait, make sure to message us and get on Galen's schedule, so we can create something beautiful for you!

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