Underwater Scene

It's no secret that Galen enjoys doing underwater and tropical work, after all, he is a Florida artist at heart.  The limiting factors to doing it right are always time, and the flooded nature of the field when it comes to underwater imagery.  That makes it increasingly difficult to stand out artistically, which seems to make Galen happy, as a good challenge is central to what drives the art that comes from Galen every day.

This particular piece is shown after a first pass to establish the piece, and got a second session after this to tighten everything up, and really complete the details. Some clients are confused by this move away from the more Alla Prima oriented approaches from earlier in the history of tattooing.  Approaching the artwork in sessions like this, however, allows Galen to create a greater level of detail without running up against the limitations of how much tattooing skin can take at one time.  The only problem is, after a first session, most clients are surprised there's more detail to add!

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