Tattoo Artist
John Kalaygian

John joined our team after years of looking for the right opportunity to learn the craft, and quickly developed a thirst for the vareity of styles the industry had to offer. Under the tutelage of Galen, he branched out into every style he could get his hands on.

The result, is that John not only understands a variety of styles, but loves to apply them in unique and interesting ways. So if you've been saving a weird idea for a tattoo, this is your chance!


$160 | Hour

John doesn't mind doing smaller tattoos, and the smallest of them get priced based on the hourly rate. If you're booking less than a half day, this is the price point you'll be quoted based on.

$550 | ½ Day

Booking a half day with John will get you almost 10% off his hourly rate after accounting for breaks. Medium sized projects or projects that need to be done over multiple sessions typically fall into this price range.

$1000 | Full Day

John loves taking on larger projects that span multiple days, and his day rate offers the best discount when booking with him. If you're getting a sleeve done, you'll most likely be quoted at this rate.

See What John's Clients Are Saying


John did a amazing job on a tattoo that I had been meaning to get done to celebrate and remember my Dad

Chris P.

Just had my third session here in as many months. First was done by Mary who did an amazing job on a flash piece that is absolutely adorable. The 2nd and 3rd were done by John as part of a sleeve and he has been knocking it out of the park, going above and beyond my expectations. Can't wait to see what he designs next!

Jae T.

Best place yet. Great atmosphere. Adorable people. Very comfortable. I am one to walk out due to just energy walking in. I will be back. Thanks so much y'all for helping me feel the way i did. See you in couple years!! I'm sure others are great but john you rocked!

Crystal G.