Tattoo Apprentice
Patricia (Pats) Reed

Pats has been after us for a while to apprentice her, and we couldn't be happier that we did. She's been coming in every day practicing the most boring stuff to get her techniques on point before transferring to skin.

All that work paid off, and Pats is now past the first tattoo hurdle, which she blew past like we knew she would. If you're looking to book an apprentice level tattoo from someone who doesn't put out apprentice level work, you've found the right person!


$100 | Hour

Pats has been with us for a little while, and is still apprenticing, but putting out amazing work! She can be booked out per tattoo hour at this rate.

$Flat Rate | Tattoo

Pats is always on the lookout to update her portfolio, and constantly has discounted flat rate tattoo available to help with the task. Contact the studio for details!