House Rules

Due to health department regulations, we are required to keep all food and drink out of tattoo or piercing areas unless it is for first aid purposes. If you feel you may need to have food or drink in the tattoo or piercing areas, please inform us.

1. No discriminatory, cruel, insulting, or bigoted language or actions. We know this should go without saying, but some people have to be told.

2. Our artists and employees work hard throughout the week to create the best possible artwork, and we would appreciate it if you show them and their time respect. If not, there are plenty of other studios.

3. This is not the service industry, and with how complicated the craft is, the customer is not always right. It is our job to do art, and do it well. If you aren't here to collect art, but to complain about seemingly minor infractions of ettiquette, the tattoo industry probably wasn't a good fit for you anyway.

4. No Vaping in the studio. This isn't our rule, it's the law, complain to them.

5. Drawing fees do not get refunded, and we do not draw without being paid. We have bills to pay, and Galen & Mary have something like 7 kids, so we can't work for free.

6. You must fill out new paperwork every time you come in, no exceptions. We didn't make this rule either, and while we're here, make sure to bring a government issued photo ID to the service, or be prepared to go home and get it.

7. Minors under 16 will not recieve services, and those who are either 16 or 17 will require notarized parental consent, and approval from the artist before moving forward with anything.

8. If you miss an appointment or cancel within 48 hours for any reason, you will be charged a non-refundable deposit to re-book.

9. Be respectful of our staff and the clients in the studio. Pretty self-explanatory.

10. DO NOT TOUCH THE MUSIC. We choose the music to set the creative mood, and nothing will iruin that mood faster than changing someone's stereo without permission, who does that?

We know most of these seem pretty standard, but it's always better safe than sorry.


Here are some of the most frequent questions we get asked. We couldn't possibly cover everything, so feel free to message us if we didn't answer your question here.

We are always more than happy to take walk-in appointments where time allows, but please remember that we're a high demand studio with a ton of back-end work that gets done to bring you the best artwork. We always recommend making an appointment, as we cannot gurantee walk-in slots.

Unfortunately, rising costs, and the nature of setting up clean single use supplies, tattoos do have a minimum cost. As a result, the minimum for any tattoo will be billed at 1 hour with exceptions noted on each artist's page.

Each artist at our studio is priced based on factors ranging from overall proficiency and experience to speed. Rough Pricing is listed on each artist's page, but to get an accurate quote, we recommend booking a Free Consultation with us.

We do have a discount for clients who are booking more than an hour, and you get the best rates when booking entire days. Remember when booking the full day, that your artists will have several breaks throughout the day built in, including lunch. We highly recommend you take advantage of these, and get some food in you. We promise, it helps.

We always recommend booking a consultation for every piece, even the little ones. This allows us to really dig into your tattoo, and get all the information we'll need to create the perfect piece of art for you. You may need more than one consultation, but no matter what, all of our consultations are free, whether you book or not!

We believe that each of our artists deserve to be paid for the work they do, so we charge a drawing fee for every tattoo we book before any work starts. If you book with us, we will gladly discount this fee from your tattoo, but it's not a true deposit, it's a non-refundable fee to pay for time spent creating art. We will continue to work on the artwork, rescheduling your appointment if necessary, until we are certain you're happy with it.

For most tattoos, we gurantee them for life, so all you'll need to do is contact us to set up your session, and figure out how long it will take. As always, these sessions are free of charge! There are some tattoos that, unfortunately, we cannot gurantee. If your tattoo falls into this category, we will let you know at your consultation.

We have several different ways to handle numbing for tattoos, and it's important to disucss them fully during your consultation. For most methods, you'll need to apply the cream before arriving for your appointment, and as it wears off, we can reapply it to ensure the most possible comfort. It is important to remember that numbing cream takes time to work, so planning it around breaks is the best way to ensure we get plenty of work done.

We believe all of our products should be safe to use on all of our clients. We keep a full studio of vegan safe products and supplies to ensure every client can feel welcome at our studio.