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The roots of Rogues Gallery Tattoo date back to 2007, when owner Galen Mousecop developed a lifelong obsession. After traveling and collecting techniques for years, our team is uniquely prepared to create the tattoo you've always wanted!

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Other than our winning personalities and devestating good looks? With every tattoo, we bring a passion for the artwork, but also a dedication to making your experience memorable every step of the way. Check out some of the ways we strive to make your tattoo a worry free part of your day.

100% Quote Guarantee

Don't get surprised by a higher price after your service. We might discount it down if we finish faster, but we'll never charge you more than we quote!
Your one stop shop

Barring supply chain disruptions, we keep a full compliment of our recommended aftercare in the studio, and every session leaves with everything you need. We can understand add-ons, but the longevity of your tattoo depends on following proper healing techniques, so we don't think this is the right place to nickle and dime you.


With a few exceptions, we guarantee every tattoo for life. We stand by our work, and we want it to look good as much as you do!

Meet Our Artists

Galen Mousecop

Lead Artist | Owner

Galen is the owner and lead artist at the studio. With years of art training, and a career of traveling and picking up new techniques, Galen puts passion into everything he does. Galen doesn't accept every project, so feel free to book a consultation to discuss your tattoo!

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Kyle Ward

Tattoo Artist

Kyle joined the team when he moved to Florida, and has become a valued team member ever since! He loves doing bold tattoos, and just getting to create every day while listening to music. Make sure you're prepared for his outgoing personality, because Kyle doesn't shut off!

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John Kalaygian

Tattoo Artist

John completed his apprenticeship under the tutelage of Galen here at the studio, and is always eager to take on new challenges, and learn new techniques. Be ready for his perfectionism, because he will literally lose sleep thinking about your tattoo!

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Sam Greek

Tattoo Artist

Sam came to us from another studio with a solid work ethic, strong art background, and positive attitude. She's since become a valuable member of the team, and we can't imagine the team without her. Book an appointment for your consultation today, because her schedule is getting busy!

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Mary Varuska

Tattoo Artist

Mary is has been here since day one, from administration to apprenticing here, she's done it all. Now she wants to show you why her clients are obsessed with her positive vibes, and her determined attitude.

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Patricia (Pats) Reed

Tattoo Apprentice

Pats tried to get an apprenticeship with us, Galen forgot to even open the message (like he always does), and a year later, Pats tried again. That message got opened, and the rest is history. Now pats pushes herself every day at the studio, and is ready to push her art even further.

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You never pay to book a consultation to discuss your piece, even if you don't book a service with us!

Discounted Day Rates

Ask about our discounts for booking more than an hour at a time. Book more & Pay Less!

1 Hour Minimum

If we had all the time in the world, we'd do every tattoo that comes through the door. Unfortunately, we do have to have a minimum.

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We are always more than happy to take walk-in appointments where time allows, but please remember that we're a high demand studio with a ton of back-end work that gets done to bring you the best artwork. We always recommend making an appointment, as we cannot gurantee walk-in slots.

Unfortunately, rising costs, and the nature of setting up clean single use supplies, tattoos do have a minimum cost. As a result, the minimum for any tattoo will be billed at 1 hour with exceptions noted on each artist's page.

Each artist at our studio is priced based on factors ranging from overall proficiency and experience to speed. Rough Pricing is listed on each artist's page, but to get an accurate quote, we recommend booking a Free Consultation with us.

We do have a discount for clients who are booking more than an hour, and you get the best rates when booking entire days. Remember when booking the full day, that your artists will have several breaks throughout the day built in, including lunch. We highly recommend you take advantage of these, and get some food in you. We promise, it helps.

We always recommend booking a consultation for every piece, even the little ones. This allows us to really dig into your tattoo, and get all the information we'll need to create the perfect piece of art for you. You may need more than one consultation, but no matter what, all of our consultations are free, whether you book or not!

We believe that each of our artists deserve to be paid for the work they do, so we charge a drawing fee for every tattoo we book before any work starts. If you book with us, we will gladly discount this fee from your tattoo, but it's not a true deposit, it's a non-refundable fee to pay for time spent creating art. We will continue to work on the artwork, rescheduling your appointment if necessary, until we are certain you're happy with it.

For most tattoos, we gurantee them for life, so all you'll need to do is contact us to set up your session, and figure out how long it will take. As always, these sessions are free of charge! There are some tattoos that, unfortunately, we cannot gurantee. If your tattoo falls into this category, we will let you know at your consultation.

We have several different ways to handle numbing for tattoos, and it's important to disucss them fully during your consultation. For most methods, you'll need to apply the cream before arriving for your appointment, and as it wears off, we can reapply it to ensure the most possible comfort. It is important to remember that numbing cream takes time to work, so planning it around breaks is the best way to ensure we get plenty of work done.

We believe all of our products should be safe to use on all of our clients. We keep a full studio of vegan safe products and supplies to ensure every client can feel welcome at our studio.